Garnier-Thiebaut: The Story

Expression of creativity and know-how, Garnier-Thiabut has been weaving for nearly 200 years in the heart of the Vosges Region (France), the most beautiful cotton damasks that bring elegance, fantasy and quality of life to interiors.

The brand equips the most prestigious palaces and renowned gastronomic establishments with its collections of high-end household linen, and since 1995 has been offering this exceptional know-how and this hotel quality to individuals.

A word from our president

“Over time and through the stages of life, the house is more than ever a safe haven where dreaming is always possible…

Expression of the passion and know-how of all our teams, Garnier-Thiebaut’s house linen collections, by their fantasy, their elegance and their quality will bring you new positive energy.

A vast palette of lines has been created and renewed to satisfy your most personal desires and happily decorate your interior (table, kitchen, bed, bathroom, ect.). Discover Garnier-Thiebaut household linen catalog on this online store or directly while visiting us in the Vosges Region during a visit to our weaving factory and workshop. We are looking forward to welcoming you!” 

Paul De Montclos - Garnier-Thiebaut CEO

Our values

Garnier-Thiebaut brand roots in human and family values. The house, born in 1833 from the marriage between 2 fabric weavers in Gérardmer in the Vosges Region, has managed to preserve the entrepreneurial spirit and authenticity of yesteryear.

From yarns to weaving selection, including colors production by our master dyers, of exclusive patterns and designs by our designers, the teams work with passion to create the linen of tomorrow.

Shared values of authenticity and proximity that are based on a fierce desire to go beyond and innovate above. At Garnier-Thiebaut, imagination and quality are always present with dedicated linen household collections having a real decorative added-value.

Collections are therefore biannually introduced to our customers in order to keep up with tableware and decoration trends.

Garnier-Thiebaut, a committed company ...

To the economic and local citizen life in the Vosges Region:

The company develops privileged relationships with textile industry players and beyond, tableware actors. The company has notably received the “Vosges, terre textileⓇ “ label, a protected Geographical Indication (PGI) which guarantees the origin of the products. Paul de Montclos is also president of the textile union of East of France and is very invested in local industrial life… for the defense of Regional French know-how:

Garnier-Thiebaut has been labeled EPV (“Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” which could be translated as “Living Heritage Company” , a French State recognition to distinguish French companies among others as well as their industrial and/or artisanal excellence know-how) by the Ministry of Economy since 2006.

Gender equality index:

Garnier-Thiebaut is part of an equal treatment process between women and men associates. This vision, shared with employee representatives, has enabled them to draw up a company agreement for several years. Today, Garnier-Thiebaut workforce is made up of 55% women. In 2020, the company obtains a score of 78/100 on the gender equity index.